Course 5 Final Project: But the Journey Continues…..

It’s been a long journey and really hard to believe that today, I am writing on my course 5, final project. What an immense learning experience, I had over past 15 months. This course has slowly but surely changed the concept of the classroom forever. I knew about the benefits of using technology even before starting COETAIL  and would always look for new ways, but the way COETAIL has enabled me to do is incomparable.

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Goals for Final Project :

For my course 5, final project, I tried to make the best use of the learning that I had over the course of COETAIL.  

My Goals for this project were :

  • to have a unit on Digital Citizenship;
  • use of seesaw to develop a digital portfolio;
  • to create a Flipped classroom culture using Edpuzzle so the classroom time can be used to facilitate learning;
  • to have a Project-based learning;
  • to do a Global collaborative project ;
  • to create students Blogging culture;
  • to have a Skype or google session with an expert; and
  • enable students to redefine task according to SAMR

Unit Plan:

When I planned my project in the month of May, I was teaching Biology and therefore I planned a Project-based learning on Ecosystems and biodiversity of different areas and effects of human activities on them.  Later on, with the change of residence and school, I had to re-plan my final project. Now since I am teaching Individuals and Societies to MYP. I planned PBL unit on Weather and Climate, where students studied different climate zones. Students were in the role of professional Meteorologists.  In the end, they made videos, using the Green screen, and presented weather like professional weather person.

Over a period of 6 weeks, my students had an immense learning experience and they not only enjoyed the unit but they learned and practiced 21st-century skills like creativity, collaboration communication, critical thinking etc. 

Here is my unit plan:

Here is the weather forecast video made by Year 6 students, using green screen:

Here is my course 5 final project video:

Special Thanks to:

The journey was quite challenging but I am thankful to my family for the support. I am also extremely grateful to my coordinator Isha Sheikh for providing me support, bringing changes to the schedule to give me extra classes, and emailing parents about the use of devices in the classroom. I am also thankful to computer science teacher, Laraib, who helped me with the Digital Citizenship Unit.

Although this is my final project, it’s not the end but the beginning of a new journey.  As always, I will continue to be a lifelong learner. As someone said, ” Every story has an end, but in life, every end is a new beginning.”

I warmly welcome your comments below. If you are from cohort 7, kindly click the following link for your feedback.

4 thoughts on “Course 5 Final Project: But the Journey Continues…..”

  1. Hi Sitwat, It’s obvious that your students gained a great deal from your project. You covered a lot of ground with them: flipped classroom, blogging, making videos, digital citizenship, global collaboration. It is always relevant to consider when one is thinking about ‘transformation’ the context in which one is working, and as you make clear, your students’ experience of computers in the classroom was previously limited to the lab. You have expanded their horizons in terms of what is possible at school. The students’ responses were very enthusiastic and you should be proud of what you have brought into their school experience. I was wondering in fact, if you tried too many things at one time. How did they deal with it all when so much was new? Do you think they got in-depth appreciation of the many ideas you introduced? Presumably you will have the opportunity to reinforce these many skills and ideas as the year progresses. I’m also interested to know how your new colleagues have received all of the fresh ideas in their school. The IT teacher seems to have been very supportive. Congratulations on providing your students with some really memorable learning moments.


    • Hi Steve,
      Thank you for your kind words.!
      It was indeed challenging for me, but I planned the whole project to introduce each activity step by step. The very first step was digital citizenship unit, so before they start using technology they must know rights and responsibilities of a good digital citizen. Then, I introduced them to seesaw and kids simply loved it. Using seesaw helped me as they were using one platform for multiple purposes like a digital portfolio, interclass collaboration and sharing and blogging.
      Flipped classroom didn’t work out well initially but when I created a poster where I would give them stickers if they finished their flipped task, this motivated them to watch the video.
      Also initially some students were nervous to blog, as they knew it will be public, again here badges that I made for bloggers served as a motivating factor.
      With green screen, I must admit that the students came up with even better ideas. All my students were familiar with devices, many even had their own Ipads and laptops, but they were not using it in the classroom. It was a big transition but it went very smoothly.
      My new colleagues were really appreciative. They sat in my classes several times just to see what’s happening. Also, as I mentioned computer science teacher and my coordinator were very helpful.

  2. Hey Sitwat, thank you so much for your comment on my final project post! I really enjoyed watching your final project unfold as well. Having to re-design your final project because of the move was no easy task, and you pulled it off so well. What really struck a chord with me was how student-focused your project is. Before starting the ‘meat’ of the unit, you filled in the digital citizenship gaps to pave the way for students being responsible and successful during the rest of the project. The digital citizenship component could have been its own final project; yet you weaved it into a bigger project. Well done on this project – Islamabad is lucky to have you! Maybe we could collaborate on a future project (Grade 4’s and 6’s could definitely do some amazing learning together)!

  3. Dear Sitwat,

    I had a similar experience to you, though perhaps not as dramatic–I had to change my plan for this project, because the class I was going to do it for got cancelled due to low enrollment and I had to redesign my project. Well done to you for being resilient and for coming up with such a great project. I agree with Steve–you really accomplished a ton with those kids in a very short time. Very ambitious. It seems that this could be a really good opportunity to write an IDU that would have one department teach the digital citizenship and blogging (perhaps tech or PSHE), while you teach the content that gives them the content to write about in their blogs and in their videos. Maybe a way forward for the future? Again, well done. This was a great project and your new school is lucky to have you.


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